MG 1/100 MSM-07 Z'Gok

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Brandon Thomas
Oldie but a goodie

Such a solid kit. They dont make them like this anymore.

Worthy, but old.

The saving grace of the MG Z’Gok is the unique design of the mobile suit itself. Whereas Zeonic MG kits of recent years, most of which are 2.0 kits that have been revamped, have much more intricate torsos, cockpits, and dense internal structures, the elder Z’Gok is mostly hollow in the torso. While that initially cheapens the experience of the build, the limbs and head details wholly redeem it. The segmented arms and legs add depth to its construction and feature something unexpected. RUBBER. I don’t mean the polycap material, but actual silicone rubber pieces that cover joints in the hips, ankles, and up into the waist. It’s a small detail, one not always clearly visible, but it adds realism to an otherwise outlandish form. The Z’Gok is supposed to be amphibious, and the choice in material alone grounds this mystical beast in the real world.

By today’s standards, the Z’Gok falls a little short, reflective of its age, but still belongs in the Master Grade series for its well-defined details, and in this case for the selection of materials to build it.

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