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Introducing the official BANDAI SPIRITS "Multi Builder's Case", which specializes in organizing plastic models, tools, and materials!
  • Width: Approximately 270mm, Depth: Approximately 190mm, Height: Approximately 95mm.
  • Designed for plastic models in pursuit of ease of use, including uneven surfaces that can get caught, grooves to prevent slipping, and numbering molds to help organize parts.
  • Large case that can store multiple completed plastic models. The partition plates can be adjusted to suit the plastic models being stored, so the plastic models do not collide with each other. There is plenty of height, so even large aircraft can be accommodated.
  • Built-in two types of half-size trays that are convenient for organizing tools and small parts. You can customize it by combining the included partition plates to suit your needs, from tools to organizing small parts.
  • There is a step on the back of the lid that acts as a partition, so it can be used as a work tray to organize parts during assembly or to prevent small parts from getting lost.
  • It is possible to stack cases together to make them compact.
  • Storage case x 1 set
  • Partition plate x 1 set

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Very nice lots of options

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