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Introducing the Mecha Warehouse mystery box!  In this box you can expect to find one or more kits and accessory packs to help give you a little inspiration for your next project or two.  We can't tell you what's in your box without spoiling the surprise, but you can expect to get a good value and great products!


The theme for January is "Firepower"

Each "Firepower" box comes with: 1 model kit and 4 accessories.


Limit 1 per order. 


January Box: "Firepower", will ship approximately on or after 1/3/23.


Note: contents of the mystery box is not eligible for return once opened.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Frisch
January "Firepower" Mystery Box

The first in the line of mystery boxes provided by Mecha Warehouse, this one was packed full of stuff. With several addon packs along with a full model kit, it had a lot to play with, especially if you're the kind that enjoys kitbashing or modding parts to fit other designs. Overall, definitely worth it.

Value there, but Just okay.

The majority of the box was accessory kits that I'll never use. Same kits had been on special at one time or another going back some months. Felt like the box was just an excuse to get rid of items that builders were not interested in. Ie: taking up warehouse space.

Brandon Stevens
"Guns, lots of guns..."

The box came with an HG kit and a ton of weapon packs. The blue Gouf Custom will go well with the Gouf Crimson I got as a gift the year prior and the weapon packs will come in handy for sure. 100% plan to get another Mystery Box...just need to clear out some of the backlog, first.

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Dolfo Salcedo

I loved it. I love surprises. I love walue. Keep em coming.

anthony Le

As a mystery box I expected something worth the value but it seem like it’s just kits and 30 min stuff that you guys cannot sell.

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