GodHand - Kamiyasu Sanding Stick 5mm-Assortment Set B

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A sponge file that uses a highly durable cloth file.
Unlike a paper file, it is a cloth file, so it has versatility that can be used in various situations such as curved surfaces, flat surface preparation, and processing.
It corresponds to various scenes with a lineup according to the application.
The sponge surface has a print that shows the number at a glance.
Ink is used in the print part to prevent bleeding, so the ink will not melt when polishing with water and you can work with peace of mind.

  • 5mm thickness with excellent balance. An all-rounder that can be used for both flat surface processing and curved surface cutting
  • "Set B" includes 600, 800 and 1000 which are convenient for surface finishing
  • Uses a file with long-lasting cutting power.
    It is excellent for cospa because it can be used for a long time by dropping the cutting powder.
  • Does not wrinkle when bent
  • Can be cut into any shape
  • It is hard to tear, so you can use it by pinching with tweezers etc.
  • For sky and water sharpening
  • It is possible to identify the count with the color of the sponge itself and the printed characters

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Patrick Dembeck
Sanding stick

These are great! Looking to get more when needed.

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