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Standard, all-purpose nipper for everyone to use in any occasion. Ultra-thin, single-edged, and no need to worry about breaking. Perfect for beginners.

Compared with GodHand's Ultimate Nipper 5.0 (cutting grade 5 - in-house comparison), you may find whitening on cutting-section using the Normal Nipper (cutting grade 3). 

Cutting section has a bit of a rough finish, but the structure is kept simple with strong durability. Can cut plastic and much more.

Spec/ Material

Length: 130mm 
Thickness of grip: 12mm (thickest part)
Weight: 55g 
Material: Tool steel 
Hardness of the edge: HRC 45~55
Note: Spec is reference range. There might be size tolerance.

  • New structure “Clack spring”! Does not rely on spring for opening blades. Once opened to a certain angle, the stopper gets released and can open edges fully.

Cutting ability

  • Plastic diameter limited under 3mm
  • Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile-buta-diene-styrene, and PE resin
  • Cannot cut metal
  • Can cut transparent runner too!


  1. Can cut copper and aluminum line diameter under 1mm and strand wire diameter limited under 2mm, but those will be not covered by the warranty.
  2. For your safety, please wear safety equipments. (ex. goggles, gloves, or etc.)
  3. Fragments might fly during use. Please check the safety of your surrounding, making sure there are no fragile items around before use.


  1. Do not gouge with the tip and do not touch the blades with your bare hands.
  2. Please do not cut materials over the cutting limit. Cannot cut hard wire rod such as metal.
  3. Oil the blades and joint to prevent rusting.
  4. Please keep out of reach of children and store with edges closed.

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