GUNPRIMER - Panel Line Guide ver.1, Curved Surface (3 Types)

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SKU: PLG1-C01 / C02 / C03

  • A linear guide used in curved surfaces.
  • The length of the groove is 25mm.
  • A strengthening tape is included for attachment to highly curved surfaces

Component: 1 sheet / 75pieces + Strength tape
Size : 105*175mm
Size Variations: Width 0.1mm; Width 0.2mm; Width 0.3mm
Grooves (length of sections to be engraved): 25mm (typical)

A sheet type set of streaking guide tapes. The Panel Line Guide 1 series is mainly designed for new creators.

This curved line guide is a tool to accurately carve straight lines (hereinafter referred to as curved lines) in a curved mechanical model.

If a guide tape is attached to the curved surface, the edge may be peeled off or misaligned during work. This guide tape can prevent the peeling of the tape that leads to such errors and can also prevent overruns (failure to carve up excess parts) just like other panel line guides.

Also, It's a bit more soft than the various cutting guide tapes, and it's even a little curved, and it doesn't leave any glue when peeling off.

A sheet of paper is loaded with 75 stripe-making guide tapes.

A reinforcing tape is also included to prevent peeling off of the edge of the tight curve.



*One guide seal can be used several times if it is not heavily stained, dust, oil, etc. Also, please remove the streaked dust with a clean brush immediately after it gets dirty.

※ Please take off the oil and dust on the surface to be pasted before pasting. Also, be careful not to touch the adhesive surface as much as possible when you touch it with your fingertips.

*For engraving, we recommend using it in combination with various other engraving tools.


Options from the PANEL LINE GUIDE ver.1 series:

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