GUNPRIMER - Panel Line Guide ver.2, Straight Line (2 Types)

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  • A linear tape type guide.
  • You can cut as much as you want.
  • You can choose from 2mm used in small parts and 3mm which is more commonly used.

Size: 105x175mm
Materials: PET
Size Variations: Width 2mm; Width 3mm
Component: 1 sheet

This is a sheet type straight line engraving guide tape.

The Panel Line Guide ver.2 series is designed to improve work efficiency for middle-class people with streaking.

This ver.2 straight line guide is a square graduated tool that is easy to customize for various straight line carvings.

Unlike regular tape scales, this scale has a thin fold that allows you to fold and paste at a steep angle when carving lines across corners. It is also convenient to use this scale to accurately adjust the thickness and angle.

Also, It's a bit more soft than the various cutting guide tapes, and it's even a little curved, and it doesn't leave any glue when peeling off.

One sheet of paper is included in one product.



※ Please take off the oil and dust on the surface to be pasted before pasting. Also, be careful not to touch the adhesive surface as much as possible when you touch it with your fingertips.

*For engraving, we recommend using it in combination with various other engraving tools.


See also: Panel Line Guide ver.2, CURVED LINE

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