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Make your paper theater projects stand out! Display it in this light up LED Paper Theater Case that has a built in light to shine behind the final project.

Please note: Batteries not included.

● Lightning
There is a ON / OFF switch to turn the lights on and off.
Each time you press the switch on the side of the main unit, it will turn on and off repeatedly, and the three colors of LED will represent 9 patterns of lighting.
Please choose your favorite color and pattern.
[Green] → OFF → [Blue] → OFF → [Red] → OFF → [Green + Blue] → OFF → [Blue + Red] → OFF → [Red + Green] → OFF →
[3-color] → OFF → [3-color gradation / fast] → OFF → [3-color gradation / slow] → OFF → (Return to the beginning)

Case size approx. 109 x 89 x 54 mm
Can be placed both vertically and horizontally.

The paper theater that suits this product: 80 x 100 x 42 mm

*Paper theater shown in the picture is sold separately

*3x AAA battery are required (Battery sold separately)

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