Delpi Decal - PG LED Beam Saber (5 Types)

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LED beam saber PG

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Zachary Johnson
Waste of money

Battery was dead upon arrival, cost of new battery is almost same price as a new beam saber lol…

Damon Hornung

This was such a terrible let down. Instructions are horrible and written in Japanese. Luckily there are images to show you how to assemble the handle but the parts included didn’t match what was in the instructions. I fiddled with it and thought it was defective but then. Priced the barest hint of light in the led. I inserted the blade and went into a couple dark space and could see no illumination along the blade. Terrible instructions, bad pieces, and total waste of money. Do not recommend at all.


The first thing I noticed wrong with these is that the blades look genuinely bad. I can put up with a couple bubbles sometimes as I know that the process of molding often results in bubbles in plastics, but the insides of these blades are completely full of them. Second, the first saber I assembled did not have a noticeable illumination on the blade. Even in complete darkness I could only see the base of the blade being affected by the light. The second saber didn't even have an LED in the packaging. I won't be trusting Delpi Decal for anything other than decals again.

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