POWERDoLLS Power Loader X-4+(PD-802) Armored infantry

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Additional production decision due to popular demand!
Kogado Studio's masterpiece game "POWERDoLLS". From "POWERDoLLS2", which has been called the highest peak in the series,
the new weapon "Power Loader X-4+ (PD-802) Armored Infantry" that was introduced to the front line will reappear as a movable plastic kit.
The material is easy to assemble.
The generation that knows the PC version of the game will feel nostalgic, and those who learned about the work from the web version will be able to learn about the past and feel fresh.
"I want to pose like a game package!!"

* The image is a prototype and differs from the actual product.
*This is a plastic kit that requires assembly and painting. Tools and paint are required separately.
*This product is a reproduction of the product released in December 2013, and there is no change in product specifications.
* The image is painted for shooting.

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