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Pin Vise
Holding spots are made from iron, so don't have to worry about idling and chipping collet.
★Two collets are included.

Compatible Size: Dia. 0.1-3.2mm


See Also: GodHand Micro Power Pin Vise (Compatible dia. 0.1-1.0mm) and GodHand Short Power Pin Vise (Compatible dia. 2.5-3.2mm)

Customer Reviews

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Brett S
Smooth like butter!

I had been using some Amazon Basics or Harbor Freight pin vise lately, and wasn't liking it at all. It always caught on itself, and didn't turn smoothly. Once again, God Hand proves that spending a little extra is worth it, because you certainly get what you pay for here. It has four different size collets for drill bits of all sizes, and my understanding is it works nicely with round chisels, though I don't currently own any of those.

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