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Weathering pastel set recreating sand, mud, dust and other grimy conditions. Conventional pastel requires a file to grind powder, but weathering pastels can be used right after they are removed from the bottle. Apply these pastels as is on a model to get that grimy effect.

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Mr. hobby set 2

The Mr. Hobby Weathering Pastel sets consist of 3 glass jars of very finely ground Pastel colors. In set 2, we surprisingly find a bright orange, light grey and black for this sets colors.

Keep in mind, despite the odd colors, the pastels can be mixed together to get different, more natural colors. These should always be applied over a flat coat or paint layer. If you choose to "preserve" your weathering by spraying a clear coat of flat or gloss over the pastels, you will lose some of the effect.

These pastels are finely ground with no white chalky spots or lumps as I have noted in other brands pastels. I would, however like more "earthy" tones personally, hence only 4 stars.

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