Megahouse Realistic Model Series 1/144 Ptolemaios (Ptolemy) Container (RENEWAL EDITION)

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The Realistic Model Series Ptolemaios Container that carried multiple Mobile Suits for Celestial Being in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 was originally released in 2017, and is coming back with an all new paint job.

The 1/144 scale means that the container reaches an impressive 460mm in length, and the panel lines not only capture all the details of the container but also now feature weathered paintwork. The set is pre-painted and partially assembled making it easy to put together even for beginners. Water-application decals are included for even more details that were never seen on the original release - everything is captured in realistic detail!

The Mobile Suit hanger comes with various attachments allowing four different suits to be stored inside (Exia, Dynames, Kyrios and Virtue). The hangar can also be separated in order to display Catapult launch scenes.

The container can also be built to have an openable side-panel as an original feature to this model. With the sides open and top hatch attached to the front you can even transform the Catapult to be approximately 700mm in length.

Crawler parts are also included for landed scenes - the possibilities are endless. Be sure to display this container together with Gundam models from the HG and RG series to bring out the Gundam 00 universe in stunning detail!

  • Partially Pre-assembed, Pre-painted product. Includes various attachment parts. Approx. 460mm in Length (Extendable to approx. 700mm)

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Engaging Intervention

Looks like it came right off the animation shell! Lovely molded detail that is prime for additional detailing, but gorgeous right out of the box. Accommodates any of the S1 Celestial Being Gundams in HG perfectly, or the RG Exia. Absolutely worth the purchase.

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