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Easy and clean plastic model gate processing! Celebrating the two year anniversary, we have renamed it to RASER ORIGIN with a newly designed case.

Surface treatment with gate processing and support material is completed with RASER, a special tempered glass polishing tool that does not damage parts!

Although the surface does not have eyes like normal file, it is a tool that can polish the gate like sandpaper.

Manufactured through an original numerical method, it is characterized by no scratches even if the corners touch parts.

It is also recommended for gate processing of clear parts that are cumbersome and difficult to clean.

In addition, since there is no frayed eyes, there is no irritation to the skin, and even if the child's skin is rubbed, it will not be scratched.

From beginner to advanced, you can use it safely and semi-permanently.

Drawer type case designed for long term storage of each product. Each product can be stored in an easy-to-use manner so that the used products can be reused. It is a spacious size that can store the GUNPRIMER's panel line series and tools together.


Material: Tempered Glass

Size : 11x90x3mm

Weight : 0.049lb



  1. RASER 1ea 


Precautions for use

* RASER does not clog, but plastic powder adheres after polishing. If left untreated, the polishing power will drop, so be sure to keep it clean with RECOVER after use.

*RASER is made of tempered glass material, but please note that the material is broken by external shock.

* The set polishing tools can be washed with water. If it becomes dirty, it can be reused after washing with water and drying.

* Use for all plastics. Do not use on metal.

* The special case has a paper surface. Please note that it may be damaged if wet.


Best used in combination with other GUNPRIMER products

  • The Gate Remover Set is an epoch-making tool set for gate processing in which three types of polishing materials that change the conventional gate processing concept are combined into one set.
  • There are three types of polishing tools: “RASER”, “BALANCER”, and “RECOVER”.
  • Each can be used to perform a series of operations from gate processing to surface treatment according to your preference.

Customer Reviews

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Raser origin

Fast shipping!

Jehu Mendez
Worth every penny

Leagues better than a cheaper glass file by a competitor.

John Greig
really works

works great. you don't see any nub marks, and it saves me time on my models.

Brandon Fehlinger

GUNPRIMER - Raser Origin

Not all glass files are made equal

One of the best tools to have in any gunpla kits. Leaves a nice smooth finish, with minimal sanding effort. Highly recommended.

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