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RASER PLUS [Original Edition 01]


RASER PLUS specializes in thick gate removal using its proprietary Super-Nano Technology, which provides a powerful sanding experience without leaving scratches on the surface. Its 5mm thickness is suitable for a more stable and better grip working on large parts with thick gates, making this tool a perfect solution for removing gates.


RASER PLUS [Original Edition 01]

The first design of RASER PLUS was inspired by the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones," symbolizing the supremacy of unrivaled quality.


  1. Company: GUNPRIMER
  2. Model: RASER PLUS
  3. Design: Original Edition
  4. Components: RASER PLUS x 1
  5. Material: Tempered Glass
  6. Product Code: R-GR-P1
  7. Country of Origin: Republic of Korea
  8. Package Size: 72 x 122 x 23mm / Weight: 56g
  9. Product Size: 20 x 65 x 6mm / Weight: 18 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Doug Wilder
I hate filing parts, but love the Raser+

TLDR: Get one!

I’ll be honest, filing and sanding parts to clean up nub marks is my least favorite part of building model kits, so a few years ago I decided to give the original Gunprimer Raser origin a try, even though I was skeptical.
“There’s no way something can make a step that obnoxious so much easier!” I thought. The price tag also seemed a little suspicious.
I was so wrong. It dramatically cut my filing time and made pieces cleanup so much more easily and I found myself with more time to focus on the other parts of kit builds I enjoy.

But then Mecha Warehouse started carrying the Raser+. I thought there was no way it could be even better than the Raser Origin, but worst case if it turned only be as good what I already had, I’d get a spare out of the purchase.
It turns out dear reader, I was wrong again. Raser+ cleans up nubs even faster! One or two passes with this thing and they are GONE.
The slightly shorter and wider design makes it a little easier for my big hands to hold onto so I don’t get too ambitious with it and accidentally remove some surface details. It does mean some smaller areas are harder to reach, so if you do have a Raser origin, hold onto it, but the Raser+ will make an excellent companion to it.
Get one for yourself. Get a spare for when you’re traveling to build day. Get one for the model kit builder in your life’s birthday.
Don’t let someone tell you this can all be done with any old glass file. This is the real deal and if you’re tired of time lost filing plastic on a model kit, prepare to be a whole lot happier about the build process.

Seany Rondorf
I really enjoy my raser

My raser had left me happy. Not having to use several files to sand my nubs. The smooth polish is wonderful. Easy to clean and easy to use.
9.5/10. Wish I had a pipe version.

Michael Williams
The glass file of my dreams

This glass file does everything you see in their marketing and I'm very happy with it.

Jeffrey J.
This thing is amazing

Saw it on the recently restocked page and had to try it. I haven’t used another file since.

Jason White
Wow… this is pretty cool.

I’m honestly very surprised on how this impressed me. I was a little cautious because of the price and this being my glass file it is definitely something you want in your tools.

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