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RASER + is a sanding tool specialized for removing gates. 

It has a power of 220 grit and the sanded surface is finished without leaving any scratches. 

5mm increase in size for improved grip and performance when removing thick gate-marks.

Super-Nano Technology combined with improved grip delivers a powerful and easy sanding when removing thick gate-marks.
Handcrafted smooth edges leave no scratches on the plastic surfaces and it goes through a strict QA process to ensure the safe use by users of all ages.


Material: Tempered Glass

Size: 20x65x5mm


Made in Korea 



  • Residues stuck on the RASER's surface can decrease performance. To remove residues, clean with water or masking tape. If cleaning with water, dry completely before using.

  • Tempered-glass made RASER does not break during normal use. However, it can be damaged from external shocks and drops. Always store in a storage case when not in use.

  • Only use on plastics. Do not use on the metals.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jason White
Wow… this is pretty cool.

I’m honestly very surprised on how this impressed me. I was a little cautious because of the price and this being my glass file it is definitely something you want in your tools.

Bobby Burley


Joe Medellin
A Perfect Companion Piece

The bigger, Raser Plus, is perfect along side it's brother, the Raser Origin or 1.5. This one can really remove nubs especially the bigger ones on older kits just fine on its own. Like others have mentioned, do be careful as this one removes a lot more plastic quicker. Any scratches left behind can easily be mitigated with the Balancer sponge and Recover cloth, especially so with the Scratch Remover sponge. The Plus and 1.5 work so well together that sometimes I don't even need to use my exacto to finish a part. You might not even need to do the two cut method with them. Although I still highly recommend doing so as with all of your other building techniques. You might not need this one if you have the 1.5 but they work so well together and have essentially replaced all of my sanding paper and sponges. Oh and the Game of Thrones-esque sword design on it is a nice touch too.

Raser Plus Review

Normally for nub removals, I would use a combination of either a hobby knife, or various grits of sandpaper, but this can cause damage to the surface and details on the plastic pieces. But the moment that I got this and starting using it, I will not use sandpaper ever again to remove nubs off of pieces. Despite the texture that is on the tool, it does not cause unnecessary scratches on the surface. In fact it actually leaves a somewhat shine to them and is smooth after the nub is gone. Even if you’re new to model building or a veteran, You should definitely give this tool a try, and you will never go back to using sandpaper or sanding sticks to remove knobs.

Superior Glass File

This is the best glass file out there and reduces the need for sandpaper/sanding sticks. I never build without it!

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