RE/100 1/100 DIJEH

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■Even though it has a frameless structure, it realizes speedy assembly thanks to the combination of movable and sculpted parts.
■Enjoy sharp modeling comparable to the master grade and persuasive details incorporating setting research into a 1/100 scale.
■ Various poses are possible by moving each joint, such as the pull-out structure of the shoulders and the sliding of the hip joints.
■Reproduce the head with sharp modeling. The main camera is movable with clear parts. Reproduce the twin camera socket with a mold.
■Details such as verniers on each part of the aircraft, vectored thrusters on the legs, and details on the soles of the feet have been meticulously reproduced.
■The waist front armor, heat dissipation fins, shield on the right shoulder, and weapon rack on the left shoulder are movable.
■Clay Bazooka, Beam Rifle, and Beam Naginata are included. Naginata's beam part is reproduced with clear parts.
■ Beam Rifle and Clay Bazooka can be transformed into storage mode.
■ Each weapon can be attached to the back attachment.
■ Abundant hand parts are included.
■Plastic model original marking sticker is included.
■Display is possible with Action Base 1 (sold separately).
Molded product x 13, foil seal x 1, Tetoron seal x 1, assembly manual x 1

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