RG 1/144 #19 Gundam Astray Red Frame

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  • Uses the internal frame "Advanced MS Joint" exclusively for real grade.
  • Uses an interlocking movable gimmick in which the internal frame and external armor extend and contract while sliding, resembling the movement of the human body's muscles.
  • Finely divided color parts reproduce the shading of each part of the body without painting.
  • Reproduce the shine of metal that cannot be easily expressed with paint using realistic decals.
  • A variety of markings are also included.
  • Red Frame's distinctive weapon, the Japanese sword (Gerbera Straight), is silver-plated to express the blade pattern on the blade.
  • Also equipped with a beam rifle, beam saber, and shield.

Customer Reviews

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John Abasto
Mostly Awesome

This kit looks awesome and has some cool accessories, none more so than the chrome Katana which has a couple cool details. The build was very fun, no complaints there. Unfortunately, while this kit has a great range of motion and is sturdy once posed, the arms can have a tendency to pop off while moving them which made the act of posing this kit a headache.

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