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"Gundam Epyon" from "Mobile Suit Gundam W" is commercialized as a completely new model of RG! Equipped with a new movable gimmick optimized for powerful and natural swinging of the beam sword! Adopts an RG original arrangement with a pterosaur motif!
  • 2-axis + 1-axis swing movement of the torso and forward expansion movement of the abdomen improves compatibility when bending forward.
  • Adopts a locking mechanism at the hip joint. It is both deformable and movable, making it sturdy and capable of large swings.
  • A movable axis added to the upper part of the wrist and forearm roll movement allow for a wide range of expressions to be added to the pose.
  • The shoulder armor expands, allowing you to raise your arms while maintaining the shoulder position. It also supports powerful poses in which the beam sword is raised with both hands.
  • The blade follows the movement of the knees and does not interfere with natural kneeling.
  • The wing part has small feathers that expand in conjunction with the movement of the wing. The height of the wings can be adjusted by moving the shaft at the base.
  • In MA form, the horns and mouth open to create facial expressions.
  • The shin has a built-in movable pull-out ball that allows the neck to bend. The movable axis of the thighs allows for flexible neck movement like that of a pterodactyl.
  • Advanced MS joint is used for the heat rod. Realizes a sharp form like a sword and flexible movement that draws a spiral.
  • The cable connecting the beam sword and mount latch uses a lead wire.
  • Beam sword x 1
  • Beam sword holder x 1
  • Shield x 1
  • Heat rod x 1
  • Hand parts x 1 set
  • Display joint x 2 types (for MS/MA)
  • Lead wire x 1
  • Realistic decal x 1

Pairs well with the Custom Decal - [RG] Epyon from G-Rework

Pairs well with the Epyon Water Decal (2 Types) from Delpi Decal

Customer Reviews

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Robert Morales
Pocket Sized War Weapon

As per usual, for an RG it looks spectacular with amazing parts separation and even cooler light piping in the head to make the eyes really pop. I had bit of a hiccup when assembling the wings but overall, I can’t deny how awesome this kit is.

Real Grade is the best!

Having seen images of the Master Grade version of this mobile suit, it needs an update to be more in line with this version. The part separation is phenomenal! I would prefer a higher contrast for the reds, but that can always be corrected with painting. Completely understand why it doesn't have much articulation in the arms (dragon mode), but it is my biggest nit-pick with the kit. Otherwise I love it and intend on buying another one to repaint as the Master Gundam, and kit-bash the shield-whip onto a"Tallgeese 2.5."


First off Mecha Warehouse is a fantastic place to fulfill your Gunpla and Plamo needs! Their customer service is top notch and buying from them is more like a community rather than just a store. For the RG Epyon … this kit is absolutely amazing, the inner frame builds up more like a MG and the details are beautiful. One of my favorite parts of this build is the head and how the light moves through clear part if you leave the stickers off. This kit is very sturdy and stunning to look at (great shelf presence). Although it has some awkward under gate spots and tiny pieces I would Highly recommend this kit to all builders from newer to the hobby all the way to seasoned veteran builders … pick one up … Enjoy!!!


The package arrived quickly. The only complaint is that the actual product box arrived slightly damaged but wasn't necessarily Mecha Warehouse's fault since the other item with it arrived pristine. I will be ordering from them again.


This too came in a day early. And gave it to my son. He loves it.

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