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RG Evangelion series (*sold separately) linked items are now available!

*This product does not include the RG Evangelion series body or shield.

From the RG Evangelion series, the weapons used by EVA are commercialized in the RG series.

A set of four types of weapons and parts is included, including the Spear of Longinus, which plays an important role throughout the series.

By combining the RG Evangelion series, impressive scenes from the play can be recreated.

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・Spear of Longinus

・440mm gatling gun

・Intercontinental ballistic missile with large N2 warhead

・N2 depth charges

・Hand parts for "RG General Purpose Humanoid Battle Weapon Android Evangelion Unit-01"

・Hand parts for "RG General Purpose Humanoid Battle Weapon Android Evangelion Prototype Unit 0"

◆◆ Spear of Longinus

   The characteristic spiral shape of the Spear of Longinus has been recreated using the techniques cultivated to date.

The impressive red hue is reproduced with molded color.

◆◆ 440mm gatling gun

The 440mm Gatling gun used in "Evangelion: Rebuild of the Movie: Introduction" is reproduced with a new model.

Equipped with a rotating gun barrel gimmick.

◆◆ Intercontinental ballistic missile with large N2 warhead

Realizes detailed modeling and color coding by dividing parts.

The details of the warhead and the modeling of the propulsion section are expressed in detail.

◆◆ N2 depth charge

N2 depth charge is included as a new model, and marking stickers are included.

◆◆ Hand parts

Hand grip parts (left and right) that expand the range of poses.

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