MG 1/100 RX-77-2 Guncannon

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The support MS "Guncannon" that appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam" is now available as a master grade model. Accurate molds and elaborate shape reproduction maximize the charm of Guncannon. The core fighter of the cockpit block is reproduced, and the internal mechanism of the legs and head is also reproduced. Weapons include a beam rifle, missile pods, and hand grenades.

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Cotton

Old But Gold

Ryan B.
Classic Suit

This kit may be old, but it still is a great one to pick up and build, especially if you're a fan of UC. Placing it in it signature firing pose proves that an old kit does not always mean bad.

Ben Fame

The MG Guncannon is a oldie but still solid choice, especially when you add your own detail to it!

Worthy, but old.

The build was pleasant and reasonably satisfying. The Guncannon is on the older end of the MG spectrum, so it’s lacking in some detail and articulation, but it does embody many of the modern standards of a Master Grade kit. The torso isn’t as dense or complex as modern kits, but the legs, head, and shoulders make up for what complexity other spots lack. The legs in particular are dense and well planned, built in a few phases to allow for the grenade hatch on either leg. The head, particularly the face, has beautiful details behind the visor, and the helmet is made of only a few pieces that fit together precisely. The only drawbacks I noticed in this kit were the antennas that don’t fit snugly on the rear of the head and the hands that have to be swapped out for a certain pose, though I understand the hands are likely this way due to the difference in technique and technology. Overall, a good, satisfying build. A proud recreation of its original form. Worthy of the money and the title of Master Grade.

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