HG Amplified IMGN Ryujinmaru

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From "Mashin Hero Wataru" comes a HG Amplified IMGN model of "Ryujinmaru", which has been arranged with an original interpretation of a plastic model.

  • Unarmed martial arts action that makes use of the long limbs unique to tall stature amplifies the new charm.
  • Uses gloss injection molding and gold-plated parts. High-density molding by parts composition expresses glossy texture and luxury.
  • Gloss injection is used to emphasize the three-dimensional effect of the white and red parts.
  • Gold plating on various parts of the fuselage creates a luxurious feel with a matte finish.
  • Comes with a gigantic gold-plated "Toryuken" and various hand parts. "Toryuken" can be attached to the back.


  • Toryu sword x 1
  • Hand parts Weapon holder (left and right), open hand parts for recombination (left and right)
  • Foil sticker x 1
  • Jewel sticker x 1 type
  • PET sticker x 1

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