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The SAND-LOOP is GUNPRIMER's high performance sandpaper line-up made based on the ultra-precision sandpaper used on the semiconductor manufacturing process which has superior durability and grinding capability compared to conventional sandpapers. It provides ultimate sanding experience.

Ultra-Precision Sanding Sheet
SKU: SL-M220-H
SKU: SL-M320-H
SKU: SL-M400-H
SKU: SL-M600-H

Material: Silicon Carbide (Made in Germany)
Grits: #220/ #320/ #400/ #600/
Size: 61*210mm
Includes 2 sheets per grit

Material: Silicon Carbide (Made in Germany)
Grits: #220, #320, #400, #600 
Size: 61*210mm (Can be replaced up to 10 times when using with MINI HANDLE)
Includes 1 sheet of each grit, plus 1x Mini Handle

Material: Tempered glass 
Size: 20*65*5mm


  • SAND-LOOP is an ultra-precision sandpaper, compatible with RASER THE BLACK and MINI HANDLE. Adhesive on the back makes it  easy to attach and detach to the dedicated handle.

  • Alternatively, it can be cut into any desired size for stand-alone use without using a dedicated handle.

  • It's superior durability provides high quality and long lasting sanding experiences and it can be used for both dry and wet sanding.

  • Strong and sharp SAND-LOOP enables faster and more precise sanding.

  • Each sheet is made in a standard size that can be used with any GUNPRIMER's dedicated handles or stand-alone use. 

  • MINI HANDLE has appropriate handling weight and balance to allow precise sanding. Premium finish tempered glass is durable and provides an excellent grip.

  • Each side of MINI HANDLE is composed with a Magic-hook system to secure the SAND-LOOP in place and allows easier attachment and detachment when replacing it. Unlike any other conventional products, it detaches easily and does not leave any adhesives.

  • MINI HANDLE's dual-side design allows easy switching between two sides by attaching two different grits of SAND-LOOP on the Magic-hook on each side.

  • One side edge is marked with indicator labels* to easily distinguish different grits for user's convenience. (*applicable for products since Sept. 2020)

*For RASER THE BLACK: Capacity of up to 26 times replacement

*For MINI HANDLE: Capacity of up to 20 times replacement

Use Example 1: Stand-alone Use

  • Cut into any desired size and shape based on the user's grip comfort level or the shape of each part. Level of thickness and the soft top surface provides better grip and handling.

  • Can be used on both curved and flat surfaces.

  • Stand-alone use makes it easy to feel the shape of the parts at the fingertip, thus it enables more detail oriented sanding.

Use Example 2: Using with a Dedicated Handle

  1. Place the handle on top of a SAND-LOOP (rough side up) of desired grit. 

  2. Use the handle as a guide and safely cut the SAND-LOOP along the edge.

  3. Peel off the back of the SAND-LOOP and attach it on the Magic-hooks of handle and start sanding.

It is recommended to use along with the BALANCER if working on a smoother surface with 600 grit or more.

GUNPRIMER's sanding line-ups are as follows.

  • Sanding:  SAND-LOOP

  • Polishing: BALANCER (GRAY & WHITE)

​Dust and debris can be easily washed off with water. It is recommended to clean with water after each use. 


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The sandloop system works great. I use 400 grit and 600 grit all the time for every nub. Finish off with Baancer Gray and Balancer White also by Gunprimer.

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