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Introducing the SAND-LOOP FLEX. Starting with new stock after October 2021, all FLEX will have lettering printed on the bottom surface. Pictures have been updated to reflect this change.

FLEX is modeler’s sanding tool based on the real use experiences by GUNPRIMER’s development team and the global partners. 

Now it’s time to experience the amazing semi-permanent sanding performance.

Duraflex Technology

Size: 27x88x5mm 
Includes 3 per pack
SKU: SL-F200 / SL-F400 / SL-F600 / SL-F800
Made in Korea

Using the Advanced Duraflex Technology, SAND-LOOP FLEX offers a semi-permanent use. The ultra strong adhesive in the backing holds the abrasive grains strong and tight therefore they don’t come off easily and offers a longer lifespan than any other typical modeling sanding sponges in the market.

  • 4 levels of grits optimized for painting
    (#200/ #400/ #600/ #800)

  • Application of Duraflex Technology for semi-permanent use

  • 5 to 10 times more durable compared to other typical products

  • Ultra density sponge offers superior sanding experience

  • Thick and compact size provides comfortable grip

  • 100% wet-sanding friendly and can be cleaned with water for reuse

Duraflex Technology

GUNPRIMER’s distinctive semi-permanent technology. The new standard of sanding tools. 

High density sponge is laminated with urethane film providing a soft grip and firm sanding surface. Ultra high-heat adhesion holds the abrasive grains deeply rooted inside the backing therefore abrasive grains stay in place longer which increases its lifespan for semi-permanent use. Plastic residues come off easily due to roomy space between the abrasive grains.


SAND-LOOP FLEX can recover its performance like new by cleaning the plastic residues with water.

Recommended Grips

High density sponge provides soft and firm grip. Both sides of the edge can be pressed to form a slightly curved surface. This method offers more precise sanding and maintains the part's edge.

It can be used to sand on both flat and curved surfaces which is also suitable for beginners. To achieve sharper edge sanding please refer to SAND-LOOP FLAT.

Customer Reviews

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Everything and more. Great for those curved edges but being flexible also allows for comfortable holding. A must for prepping your parts for priming! Highly recommend.

Reviewer avatar
Dolfo Salcedo
Excellent sanding sponges

They last long, they work great, they're flexible, and they're durable. Well worth the price.

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