SDBB #370 Knight Gundam

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■ Knight Gundam appears as the first Legend BB. ■ Reproduce luxurious armament using plating and clear parts. ■ The ankles and hips can be replaced with special parts to transform into a centaur form. ■ Selectable and movable parts can express the rich expression of Knight Gundam. ■ It is possible to reproduce the lightly dressed state by removing the armor. Molded product x 4, foil seal x 1, assembly manual x 1

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A simple, yet fun kit.

The Knight Gundam is an iconic kit, and despite being quite small, it is an SD kit afterall, the box has a lot within it for the price.

Not only does he have two weapons and a shield, he also wears a cape, and can transform into his Centaur mode, and it's all in this one kit.

I mainly got it to practice painting, and got it knocked out in one sitting.

Once he's good to go, he's radical to the max.

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