SDCS Silhouette Booster (White)

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An extended parts set has appeared in the SDCS series!
■ High head and low head can be reproduced by assembling to an existing frame, and can be expanded to your favorite head and body.
■ Span (left and right), grip hand (left), and saber handle (right) are included.
■ Thigh parts that can be used for SDCS Zaku II are included.
■ "Jim" can be made by combining this product with Jim Head, SDCS Gundam attached to the SDCS frame (sold separately).

■ Hand parts x 1 set
■ Frame custom parts x 1 set
■ Gym parts x 1 set

[Product contents]
■ Molded parts x 1
■ Seal x 1

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Definitely needed these, glad I have them.