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The light dragon type Digimon "Shine Greymon" from "Digimon Savers" is now available in the Amplified series!
  • Thoroughly pursues the modeling and gimmick with the full cooperation of "As'Maria".
  • The giant sword "Geo Gray Sword" uses jewel stickers and PET stickers to achieve a glossy texture and detailed expression. Furthermore, it is equipped with a plastic model original gimmick, and can be transformed into twin sword mode by replacing parts.
  • By using joint parts, "Geo Gray Sword" can be mounted on both legs in twin sword mode.
  • The shoulder joint has a pull-out structure that expands the range of motion, reproducing the ability to hold the Geo Gray Sword in both hands.
  • A movable axis at the tip of the foot provides a sense of stability on the ground. In addition, the armor on the back of the knees is linked to the legs to expand the range of motion.
  • Each wing feather can be moved individually, and the silhouette changes greatly when unfolded and stowed.
  • The tail has a built-in lead wire, allowing for detailed expressions.
  • Considering expandability as a plastic model, hard points for expansion are placed in various places.

  • Geo Gray Sword x 1
  • Joint parts x 1 set
  • Seal x 1
  • PET seal x 1
  • Jewel seal x 1
  • Lead wire x 1

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