Figure-rise Standard Son Goku (New Spec ver.)

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Figure-rise Standard goes to a new dimension (NEW SPEC)! Range of motion and molding beauty, here is the ultimate. Son Goku (NEW SPEC Ver.) Appears from "Dragon Ball Z"!

Muscle build system is powered up! Newly equipped with "Muscle Build System PLUS".
"The highest range of motion" is realized by thorough verification of human body structure and evolution of plastic model motion technology.
"Absolute beauty of form" is also achieved by dividing parts unique to plastic models along the flow of muscles.
It is a system that has been researched and developed with the theme of improving the ease of assembly and allowing you to fully enjoy the fun and real pleasure of building up your own body.

  • The range of motion of each part such as the neck, chest, waist, and wrists has been greatly improved. Figure-rise Standard realizes the highest range of motion in history.
  • Five types of expression parts and five types of hand parts are included. Various scenes in the play can be reproduced together with posing by the highest peak movement.
  • Thorough verification of human body structure. Pursue the reality that dwells in the details from the bumps of the muscles to the fingertips.
  • Part division and molding colors have been carefully selected to recreate the colors of the entire body just by assembling it.
  • High-density details are expressed, from the surface of the uniform and shoes to the creases on the joint parts. Realizes absolute beauty.
  • We express number tag of runner by the number of stars of "dragon ball". Runners can be divided for each number tag, making it easy to manage parts. You can enjoy assembling while looking for "Dragon Ball".
  • Comes with a mark of the uniform as a bonus sticker.
  • Pedestal for display is attached.

  • Expression parts x 5 types
  • Hand parts (left and right) x 3 types, (right hand) x 2 types
  • Marking sticker x 1
  • Display pedestal x 1

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Awesome piece

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