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Available at long last! By popular demand, "Emma-chan senpai" is finally making her model kit debut♪

Emma Koishikawa, aka Emma-chan senpai, is a cute girl who loves games, anime, and Japanese tokusatsu sci-fi! She especially loves giant, cool things, like robots and monsters. A second-year student in high school, she dreams of becoming a god-like illustrator!

Product Highlights!

[Complex Hair Styles]
Emma's trademark "wavy hair" is made up of more than ten individual pieces for the cutest look possible. In addition to the wavy hairstyle, twin-tail and bun hair parts have also been included♪ 
There are also a wide variety of bangs, from ones with and without a headband to ones that work with other hair accessories and glasses! Choose the hair you like the most.

[Pre-Painted Face Parts]
An incredibly expressive character, Emma comes with four different face parts, Smiling, Shouting, Upset, and Disgusted! They all come painted and unpainted as well. The included expression decals can be used with the unpainted face parts to change the direction of the eyes!

[Small, Slender Body]
Emma is a petite 140cm tall girl. The size of the actual model is the smallest in the series, too, at 14cm. The small, slender body is definitely one of the highlights of this model.
To stay in proportion with the body, we have also made her feet smaller. With the included parts, she can be displayed without her shoes, too.
The ball joint in the neck is designed to slide forward and back to allow for a greater range of expression.
Use the 6mm ball joint to combine the body with Megami Device models as a 14cm body in a uniform.

[11 Hand Parts]
The kit includes 11 types of hand parts, including four newly sculpted hand parts: holding (drawing tablet), holding (tablet computer), holding (game controller), and cool open hand.

[Twisted Torso]
This special torso part allows the model to twist her body at the waist and extend her right arm forward, greatly expanding the number of potential poses.

[Skirt Parts]
The white lines on the skirt of her uniform, which were pre-printed in the Ritsuka Saeki model, are now separate parts for the standard and flowing skirts. The skirt comes in three different shapes: standard, flowing, and sitting while hugging knees. 

[Body for Sitting While Hugging Knees]
This special body part allows Emma to sit with her knees to her chest.
The body is to be used with the regular head, arms and feet.

[Array of Accessories]
As Emma aspires to be a god-like artist, the kit also includes computer tablet and drawing tablet accessories for drawing poses. The back of the computer tablet features a certain special emblem. 
The smartphone also comes in two versions, standard mode and gaming mode, with the beloved HEXA GEAR logo etched into the back.
The St. Iris Gakuen Girls' High School bag features a removable school emblem covering a 3mm hole that can be used with flying bases.
Five hair accessory parts for the various bangs are also included.


Included Items:
1. Emma Koishikawa Model ×1 
2. Hair Style Parts ×2: Wavy Long, Twintails, and Buns
*The buns and twintails cannot be assembled at the same time, as they use the same base connection part.
3. Bang Parts ×4 Types, 1 Each: Headband (Standard), Headband (Glasses), No Headband (Standard), No Headband (Hair Accessories) 
4. Face Parts (Pre-Painted): Smiling, Shouting, Upset, Disgusted 
5. Face Parts (Unpainted): Smiling, Shouting, Upset, Disgusted
6. Hand Parts ×11: Holding (Drawing Tablet), Holding (Tablet Computer), Holding (Game Controller), Cool Open Hand, Holding (Standard), Holding (Tight), Holding (Open), Holding (Rounded), Gripping, Pointing A, Open 
7. Twisted Torso Part ×1
8. Knees to Chest Part ×1
9. Skirt Parts ×3 Types 1 Each: Standard, Flowing, Knees to Chest
*The Knees to Chest Skirt is to be used with the Knees to Chest Body.
10. Shoes Off Parts ×1 Set
11. Tablet Computer ×1
12. Drawing Tablet ×1
13. St. Iris Gakuen Girls' High School Bag ×1
14. Hair Accessories ×5
15. Display Base ×1
16. 6mm Diameter Neck Part Compatible with Megami Device ×1
17. Face Decals ×1 Sheet

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