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Introducing the TAMOTU Type-S!
The stylish and cute robot TAMOTU is back as TAMOTU Type-S with a new loadout!

MARUTTOYS is a world of original robot characters created by up-and-coming model designer MiZ (Kouki Mizuno).
TAMOTU, the artist collaboration item between Kotobukiya and MARUTTOYS, is upgraded into TAMOTU Type-S and released as a plastic model kit!

TAMOTU Type-S is an upgraded security model of the TAMOTU robot.
The front and sides have additional armor, and the head is equipped with an additional sensor unit.
On its back are two drones and paintball guns. By working with the drones, this model is able to efficiently patrol buildings.
The guns can fire pellets filled with viscous paint that are able to blind cameras and slow down robots when fired at their joints.

Model Specifications:
・This model is a full action model kit with 26 points of articulation.
・Can transform from the mobile “Normal Mode” to “Work Mode,” in which the back and legs can be deployed.
・TAMOTU is built with a complete inner frame. All outer parts can be detached from it.
・The two paintball guns on the back are removable. The guns can also be used with Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, and Megalomaria models.
・The two drones on the back can also detach and transform from standby to flight mode. They can be displayed using the New Flying Base (sold separately) and HEXA GEAR Mini Flying Bases (sold separately).
・The drones can also carry the paintball guns in flight mode.
・There are 15 points for 3mm connection joints throughout the model.
・The color scheme of this model kit is white, gray, and clear. This model kit can be assembled into a product close to the original design. (The color scheme is different from the TAMOTU Type-S [Green Ver.] that was released at the same time.)

How to Enjoy:
・TAMOTU Type-S can be freely customized with the M.S.G, Frame Arms Girl, and Hexa Gear series by using the 3mm connection points all over its body and the optional 3mm connection joints.
・This 1/12 scale model can be placed together and enjoyed with other models with different scales such as NON scale Frame Arms Girl and 1/24 scale Hexa Gear models.

Included Items:
・TAMOTU Type-S Model
・TAMOTU Head Cover
・TAMOTU Front Hatch
・Optional Arm
・Drone (With Paintball Gun) Display Attachment Parts ×2
・3mm Connection Joints ×4

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