Tekkaman Blade - Tekkaman Blade

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Tekkaman Blade Tekkaman Blade from Wave! 

From the TV anime "Tekkaman Blade, the knight of the universe" broadcast in 1992, the Tekkaman Blade, in which the main character D Bowie transforms, appears as a plastic model!

Based on the setting image and the image in the play, it is commercialized by arranging it into a design with a massive and sharp edge.

With a large volume of 220 mm in height, each joint has a wide range of movement and can be made to take various action poses.

The main weapon "Tech Lancer" is reproduced in the normal state as well as the state divided into two. "Tech Shield" is removable and can be attached to either the arm or waist. Both shoulder parts can be opened and closed to reproduce the special move "Volteca" firing state. With 6 runner molding colors, the parts composition is such that the finish is close to the character image without painting.


-Plastic Model set

-Tek Lancer
-Tek Shield
-Hand parts x3 types (fiat, flat hand, weapon holding hand)

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