Toyota Sprinter Trueno (High-Tech Two Tone)

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Hugely popular AE86, partly due to the influence of drifting cartoons.

The long-awaited AE86 Sprinter Trueno is now available in 1/32 scale! The interior is also reproduced firmly in spite of its small size.

  • Completely new mold
  • Easy model with 36 parts
  • Low-down version can be assembled
  • Retractable headlights open/close selectable

■No painting required
By reproducing the body color by coloring the plastic material, painting is no longer required.
The glossy body is also a highlight.
■No need for glue
No glue is required by adopting the snap-in type.
■Affordable price
The simplified kit and 1/32 scale make the price reasonable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good snap

Goes together easily, plastic is solid and easy to work with. More stickers than I expected, but they're decent and look good.

Major Quality Control issues

Box arrived in pristine condition from MW so I know this is a manufacturer’s defect, but the main body of the car model was warped with multiple connection points broken. Further, the kit lacked any instruction manual, despite including a numbered sticker sheet.

Kit uses a lot of color correcting stickers, which isn’t surprising but was disappointing. It is possible to put time and effort into this to make it look fantastic, but I’m not sure it would really be worth the effort to do so when there are better models of this car available.

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