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From "Turn A Gundam", "Turn A Gundam" appears as MG series No.100! Thorough analysis of the original design, modeled with the aim of creating a three-dimensional version of Turn A Gundam Kaitai Shinsho Reproduce the structure of the leg thruster vane Chest hatch opening and closing, two types of cross parts on the chest are included, white and blue Weapons are dedicated beam rifles , Shield, and Hammer are included. 1/100 scale figures of Roland Seac and Cow are also included.

Pairs well with the [Effect] MG Turn A Gundam Moonlight Butterfly from Delpi Decal

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful for its age

As my title says, this kit is stunning. It uses no polycaps, the channels for panel lining are super deep, and it poses quite nicely. I am worried about the ABS inner frame getting loose, but I've had it for about 3 months now and it's held up well. Even if it did get loose, it could probably be easily tightened. The accessories are amazing, but the nub marks on the hammer were very annoying to deal with. My only serious complaint is no moonlight butterfly, but this is still a must have kit.

A veritable adventure in building

Frankly, I used to despise the design, but after building so many Master Grades, this kit was a deep breath of fresh air.
Unconventional construction and patterns, articulated panels and compartments, articulated accessories…
Once you get past the mustache, you realize what a work of art it truly is.


Arrived in great condition

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