Limex Tyrannosaurus

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LIMEX is a new material from Japan that uses limestone as the main raw material.
It can be molded into a plastic alternative and reduces the amount of petroleum-derived resin used.
It is attracting attention from home and abroad as an environmentally friendly material that can also reduce CO2 emissions.

Desktop size with a pedestal that imaged the era when dinosaurs were moving !
A touch gate that allows you to remove parts by hand makes it easy to assemble without tools!
Children who touch the plastic model for the first time should also join with adults!

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Customer Reviews

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T rex disappointment

Got this from a ding and dent. Mechawarehouse is awesome and I am a huge fool since I am a big fan of dino stuff. That being said.
The material is way too soft where nails/other pressures on the parts will easily damage it. It is a mixed of entry grade experience with Gunpla kun's material quality. Parts and joints has a worse time staying in place than entry grade kits. There are other dinosaurs models by bandai that offers more content than this one kit. I do not recommend this to anyone at all from the age of 3 to age of 90. Only redeeming quality of this kit is the customization value since bandai do a good job with the details on each parts even if its very few (one runner worth).

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