Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Zero

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Plastic models of the "Ultraman" series finally start at Figure-rise Standard!
The second is the strongest young warrior "Ultraman Zero"!
  • The distinctive chest and shoulder designs are reproduced by dividing the parts.
  • "Ultimate bracelet" can be put on and taken off according to the situation.
  • Two types of blue and red color timer and zero twin shoot reproduction parts are included and can be replaced.
  • "Zero Twin Sword" and "Zero Slugger" are included. The head when using Zero Slugger can also be reproduced by replacing parts.
  • Full hand parts are included to support various poses.

  • Zero twin sword x 1
  • Zero slugger x 2
  • Head parts (when using Zero Slugger) x 1
  • Zero twin shoot parts x 2 types
  • Color timer x 2 types
  • Ultimate bracelet x 1
  • Hand parts × 1 formula
  • Seal × 1

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