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40th anniversary of Gunpla! High-end brand is born in MG!
"MGEX" is a new brand that challenges the "extreme expression" of MS based on the "theme" set for each aircraft by combining the technology accumulated by BANDAI SPIRITS and different materials.
■ The first theme is "extreme" light emitting mechanism "". "Structure" calculated and "light emission" expression by new LED unit.
■ From the lighting of the eyes and head main camera by button operation, the main body psycho frame emits red and green, and then it is possible to produce light emission with dynamics.
■ The newly adopted "flexible LED sheet" realizes ease of assembly and space saving. Starting from this technology, Unicorn Gundam has realized the first transformation, light emission, color change, and movable symbiosis.
■ The proportions of the whole body are produced by new molding under the complete supervision of Mr. Hajime Katoki.
■ Using lead wires, it is possible to make the clear parts of the shield placed away from the main body emit light.
■ Includes water slide decals including a new plastic model original design.
■ The dedicated MS cage also has the functions of storing the battery box of the lighting unit, adjusting the position of the columns, and holding the weapon.
■ Three AA alkaline batteries (sold separately) are required to reproduce the light emission.

■ Beam Magnum x 1
■ Hyper Bazooka x 1
■ Shield x 3
■ Beam Gatling Gun x 6
■ Beam Saber x 4
■ Illuminations Unit x 1
■ Dedicated MS Cage x 1
■ Water Transfer Type Decal x 1
■ Metallic sticker x 1

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