V.F.G. Macross F VF-25F Messiah Ranka Lee Macross 40th Anniversary

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Super-time-space Cinderella "Ranka Lee", Macross 40th Anniversary Kit will be available as VF Girl!

Macross 40th Anniversary model of the super-time-space Cinderella "Ranka Lee" will be released as VF Girl! For the first time in the series, a cloth "Interstellar Flight" stage costume is included. The "VF-25F Messiah" special color fuselage with ribbon design is also included, and the folded speaker and carrot speaker pods create a live atmosphere. Also included are parts to recreate the image of the DYNAM Chogokin costume, as well as a microphone stand, the tuna bun, Ai-kun, cell phone, the key from "Nji-iro Kuma Kuma," and other useful accessory parts.

【PR points】
・Color-coded molding, no glue required snap kit
・Includes "Interstellar Flight" stage costume made of cloth for the first time in the series.
・Original colors for the 40th anniversary of Macross.
・Exclusive coloring can be reproduced by applying the included stickers and decals.
・Reproduction of three forms of fighter, Gawalk and Battroid by recombinant deformation is possible.
・Folded speaker, carrot speaker pod included
・Includes parts to reproduce the image of DYNAM Chogokin costume
・Ai-kun, cell phone included
・Comes with runner parts such as microphone stand, tuna bun, Valkyrie backpack etc.

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