V.F.G. Macross Delta VF-31A Kairos SP

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VF Girl "VF-31A Kairos" to be released in an updated version of the aircraft!

The updated version of Variable Fighter Girls, "Kairos", the catgirl of Planet Voldor, is ready for release! Hardpoints have been installed on the main wings of the fuselage, enabling the fuselage attachment of the automatic control mecha lure. Also, the leg joint structure during the gerwalk has been revised to allow for a greater degree of freedom in posing. The colored face parts of the Girl, the numbering of the fuselage, markings, and the eyes for the Girl are also included in water-transfer decals. Please enjoy the voluminous VF Girl!

  • Color-coded molding, glue-free snap kit.
  • Reproduce the exclusive coloring by applying the stickers and decals that come with the kit.
  • Reproduction of three forms of fighters, Gerwalk, and batroids by recombinant deformation is possible.
  • Comes with pre-colored face parts. Ball joints are adopted for the girl's wrists.
  • The addition of a hard point of the aircraft, updated version of the design structure has been revised.
  • Harpoon gun and mechanical lure included.
  • Weapon firing effect parts included.

[Product Specifications]
Scale: non-scale
Size: Length of fuselage: approx. 205mm, height of body: approx. 155mm
Material: PS/ABS/PVC
・Reproduction of 3 forms by deformation and part rearrangement
・Snap kit model that does not require glue
・Color-coded molding
・Two types of pre-colored face parts, one type of uncolored face parts eyes are included
・Sticker for reproduction of livery included
・Aircraft numbering and girl's eye decals included
・Harpoon gun and mechanical lure included.

*The stand is not included.
*The image is a prototype. The actual product may differ.
*This product is a plastic model kit. Tools are required for assembly.

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