V.F.G. Macross Delta Walkure Makina Nakajima

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Song is hope! Tactical music unit "Valkyrie" starts VF Girl series!

From Variable Fighter Girls (V.F.G.), the tactical music unit "Valkyrie" is finally here! The memorable first one is Makina Nakajima from ``Uta wa Kibo'', a cute and sexy person who is also a mechanic. In addition to the fusion of the aircraft and the girl as a VF girl, Makina's fascinating body is also made into a three-dimensional movable plastic model for the first time. A fold speaker inspired by Personal Mark, a diva-specific microphone, and a multi-drone that also doubles as an exhibition stand are included. In addition, Valkyrie born from "Macross Modelers" and accessories such as nippers and airbrushes are also included, making it a yakku deculture item!

・Color-coded molding, snap kit that does not require adhesive
・Reproduce the special coloring by pasting the included stickers and decals
・Fighter , Gerwalk, and Battroid mode can be reproduced
・The aircraft is a Valkyrie original coloring exclusively for Makina
・Makina body is assembled with color-coded molding with some parts already colored Easy
・Painted face parts included
・Various accessories and multi-drone display stand included

[Product specifications]
Scale: non-scale
Size: Overall length of the aircraft (fighter): approx. 205mm
    Overall height of the body: Approximately 157mm
Material: PS/ABS/PVC
・The fuselage is deformed and reproduced in 3 forms by rearranging some parts
・Snap kit model that does not require adhesive
・Color-coded molding (partially painted)
・2 types of faces with colored eyes, 3 types of faces without colored eyes Parts included
・Various accessories, multi-drone display stand included
・Stickers for coloring reproduction, eye decals included

*The image is a prototype. It may differ from the actual product.
*This product is a plastic model kit. Separate tools are required for assembly.

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