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Achillea, who receives maximum blessings from the heavens and radiates a divine radiance in its body, comes to life!

This is an all-in-one set that allows you to reconfigure as VLOCKer's & enjoy the fun of a girl's kit to the fullest!

VLOCKer's FIORE Achillea Blessful Set includes Achillea (standard version) plus special items only for this set!

  1. VOLCKer's NEXATE Equus (Clear ver.)
    Achillea's partner "Equus" is included in special colors. The white/clear orange combination has a divine shine! The 4mm joints on each part allow for flexible reconfiguration!
  2. 8 Pre-Printed Tampo Faces + Decals
    In addition to the 4 expressions included with the standard version, 4 new expressions were drawn especially for this set. Both pre-printed tampo parts and decals are included! More emotions of Fiore will blossom!
  3. Clear parts for Achillea's gold-colored armor can be changed to clear orange with the included parts. Enjoy the maximum blessing of Achillea with these shining parts only available in the "Blessful Set"!

The theme is "Knights of the Celestial World"!!! The 14th Fiore "Achillea"

The 14th Fiore "Achillea" of the "VLOCKer's FIORE" series is armored in white and gold with a "Celestial Knight" theme. The large cloak can be expanded by the joint hidden on the back side! The figure fights bravely with mace in hand, just like a knight!
The figure is characterized by the mace, a striking weapon, and the large cape, which evokes the words "battle" and "bravery" in the language of Achillea flowers!

Achillea × Equus = Human-horse form: unicorn mode complete!

Achillea and Equus will combine to complete their human-horse form (unicorn mode)!
From the design stage, Fiore was developed and designed with the unicorn mode in mind, and its perfection as a human-horse form was taken to the extreme. The super-long lance that connects the Achillea and Equus weapons is a massive 440mm in length, reminiscent of a unicorn!

Tail parts are reproduced using a cape. It can also be combined with the exterior parts of Equus to form a shield!

This kit comes in 3 separate packages (2 boxes and 1 bag) that we have bundled together for shipping.

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