VLOCKer's FIORE Cosmos & Comet Chaos Wing Set

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s it a wing of destruction or a wing of protection?

A new set that expands the world view (imagination) of VLOCKer's FIORE "Cosmos & Comet" with the theme of "space business" has appeared.
Like Cosmos, select characteristic wing Parts reminiscent of extraterrestrial life from Fiore "Dracena & Nebula" designed by Mr. Oguchi. In addition, a newly designed "erosion face" is included.
Is she the hope of mankind, or a threat from outer space? Have fun creating your own stories and settings!

Rearrange the Wings of Chaos to create new weapons!

The huge wings popular in "Dracena & Nebula" are recorded in colors that match the cosmos.
The beautiful pure white wing that contrasts with the dark shape is a visual worthy of the name "Chaos Wing".
With the 4mm joint common to the series, you can enjoy rearranging shields and swords like blocks.

Fiore "Cosmos"'s companion robot "Comet" can be customized by attaching Chaos Wings to make it look like a mysterious creature has taken over the machine's body.

Comes with a new expression "erosion face" that makes you feel the deep story.

Comes with a newly designed "erosion face" that looks like it is being taken in by the power of darkness. It is characterized by a right eye that shines crimson and an eerie appearance of erosion marks.
In addition to the "normal color" and "corrosion red" decals, decal limited "corrosion blue" eyes are also included.
Enjoy your own character settings by combining with expressions without tampo printing.

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