HG GTO #016 Zaku II Type C/Type C-5

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■Zaku II that appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Clash Ruumkai" is now in HG format!
■C type and C-5 type can be assembled selectively, and the C-5 type has a new shape in the center of the chest and the left and right blocks that have different shapes!
-As a armament option, a Gatling on the arm and a backpack with a different shape are also included.
-Besides, you can equip a magazine of belt-fed MS machine guns, as well as abundant weapons such as MS bazookas and anti-ship rifles!

■MS machine gun x1
■Belt feed type MS machine gun x1
■Heat hawk x2 (deployment/storage)
■MS bazooka A2 type x1
■MS anti-ship rifle ASR-78 x1

[Product contents]
■ Molded product × 12
■ Marking sticker × 1
■ Instruction manual × 1

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Customer Reviews

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HG The Origin Zaku Type C/C-5

I'm new to the hobby and this was my first HG. Beautiful colors, nice details plenty of weapons and accessories. Careful with the torso cables, they're kinda delicate and you have to get them right the first time. Also, the 'mouth' part fits pretty loose and I needed some plastic cement to keep it on there.

Ryan Thelen

thumbs up

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