Zoids 1/72 HMM RZ-029 Storm Sworder

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The strongest air combat Zoid in the Western Continent War has arrived!

The Pteranodon-type Zoid Storm Sworder, which helped the Helic Republic secure air superiority and lead them to victory in the Western Continent War, has been completely redesigned for the HMM Zoids series!

This fully articulated model kit with its multicolored and clear parts allow users to achieve a finished look that closely resembles the original character design by just assembling the model.

Storm Sworder’s characteristic weapons "Top Sword" and "Wing Sword" can of course be adjusted individually, and the model is filled with features such as each part being able to open and close, expand, or have pop-out joints.

The "2-Pulse Laser Gun" and "Iron Claw" are interchangeable and can be assembled or reconfigured as desired.

A pilot figure is also included within this model kit to be placed within the cockpit. Add this new, long-awaited flying Zoid to your lineup today!

Product Specifications:

  • The jaw and cockpit can be opened and closed independently, allowing for a pilot figure to be placed inside.
  • The "Top Sword" and the left and right "Wing Swords" can be adjusted independently.
  • The "2-Pulse Laser Gun" and "Iron Claw" are interchangeable and can be assembled or reconfigured as desired.
  • The articulation of each joint is built internally as well as the sliding joints of the neck and legs, which gives this model an even greater range of movement.
  • The arms under the wings can be expanded to display the model as it is landing.
  • Special attachment parts are included and can be used with the separately sold Flying Base Neo to display the model in a stable flying pose.

(This item is a reproduction.)

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