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The Dual Sniper Rifle & AZ Five Launch Missile System Set of customizable parts for HMM Zoids is now available!

The Dual Sniper Rifle & AZ Five Launch Missile System Set is now out as customizable parts for the RZ-053 König Wolf.
Both weapons can be equipped to create the Assault König Wolf as well as be attached to a range of HMM Zoids using the wide variety of connection parts.
Users can mount their HMM Zoids with the powerful 270mm (max) sniper rifle and the 20-missile unit.

・The dual sniper rifle has a rotating and extendable barrel. It can also move backward, as if releasing a shell.
・Assemble the dual sniper rifle with either a 3mm joint, 5mm joint, 3mm point, or 5mm point to combine with a wide range of models other than the König Wolf.
・The cover of the AZ Five Launch Missile System can be opened and closed without changing any parts, and each missile is a separate, colored part.
・Each AZ Five Launch Missile System has a 3mm joint and can be used in ways other than attaching them to the König Wolf via the included special armor parts.
・The clear parts for the sensors come in both clear orange and clear.
・Decals of various caution marks are included and can be applied as desired for a more show-accurate finish.

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