Code Beast Yu-Mo Hundred Edge Arma (First Limited Edition)

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Yu-Mo "Code Beast" Hundred Edge Arma (First Limited Edition) from Orange Cat Industry!

The second of the new brand "Yumi"! An enhanced form of Hundred Edge is now available!

"Yumi" is a new brand of plastic model kits that Tachibana Neko Kogyo and Studio GS have teamed up with. As the second installment, "Hundred Edge Arma", which is an enhanced form of "Hundred Edge", will be released!

Reproduce the enhanced form by adding additional armor of the whole body and multiple weapons. Some of the main body parts have been changed in color to create a more heroic atmosphere.

The first limited edition comes with a colorless clear runner (3 in total) in addition to the standard smoke gray runner. You can customize it by painting it with your favorite clear color.

Also, since all the runners of "Hundred Edge" are enclosed, it can be assembled as "Hundred Edge (Another Color)".

Of course, the complete transformation without replacement from the humanoid form to the beast type form, which is the biggest feature of this work, is alive and well. Each joint has a wide range of motion and can be made to take various action poses.

Seven molding colors are used, and even if you assemble it without painting by skillfully dividing the parts, the finish will be close to the character image.

"Kyoryu Kuramochi" will continue to be in charge of the design. The attractive design is both human and beast.

Pairs well with Code Beast Yu-Mo Hundred Edge Optional Parts Set

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