Code Beast Yu-Mo Hundred Edge Optional Parts Set

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Yu-Mo "Code Beast" Hundred Edge Optional Parts Set from Orange Cat Industry!

Enhanced armament for Hundred Edge!

"Hundred Edge Arma" is an enhanced form of "Hundred Edge". The additional armed parts are now available as a single unit!
By combining with the "Hundred Edge" (sold separately) on sale, you can reproduce the "Hundred Edge Arma (Providal Form)". You can strengthen your armament with additional armor that covers your entire body, as well as two swords and a long rifle.
Three molding colors are used, and the finish is close to the character image just by assembling without painting.

* The content of this product is only "Optional parts set for hand red edge". "Hand red edge" body is not included.

* Even if this product is attached to "Hundred Edge", it will not be the same color as "Hundred Edge Arma".

Intended for use with Code Beast Yu-Mo Hundred Edge Arma

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